Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music Studies

Taiwanese-born Tenor Jason Yan moved to Hong Kong with his family when he was 14 years old. At the age of 18, his music teacher in secondary school found his talent about music and singing. Jason has been studying music and vocal technique with her during the secondary school, after a year vocal training he won The Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Vocal Solo Chinese Language 1st runner up and Foreign Language 2nd runner up in 2015. His outstanding performance shows his talent in vocal and music.

來自台灣的抒情男高音 顏子杰 在14歲跟隨家人移居香港。在17歲被中學音樂老師發掘到他的音樂才華和在唱歌上的天份。顏氏並跟隨她學習音樂和聲樂,並於學習聲樂後的一年內贏得了2015年香港學校音樂節中文組獨唱組的亞軍和外文組季軍,傑出的表現展現了他在聲樂上的天賦。

Professional Credentials in Music

Education Background

Jason graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and Studied a Degree in Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music Studies major in Classical Vocal. He is also Teaching Classical Singing and Pop Singing in his own studio since 2016. He has been studying vocal technique and interpretation with renowned Hong Kong Bass-baritone conductor Jimmy Chan since he started studying in Hong Kong Baptist University. He was later won The Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Vocal Solo Foreign Language Champion in 2019.

Classical Music Experience

Jason showed great enthusiasm for music and vocal during his school years, he has participated in many different competitions, and he received numerous awards. Many judges and vocal teachers praised him as “very talented”, “his voice is very contagious”, and “very beautiful lyric tenor” also he later invited to be a guest soloist in their concerts and played the main cast from “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” and “Rent”.


Jason was the Vocal Coach in the Male Choir of  “The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong” for 3 Years.


Pop Music Experience

In Pop Singing, Jason learned to be proficient and authentic singing styles, including pop, musical theatre, jazz and R&B with a famous teacher – Jeannie Gagné and David L. Jiles Jr. He was often praised by his teachers “Beautiful voice”, “Very powerful voice”, “Crazy High Note,” etc. Jason showed great enthusiasm for music and vocal during his school years, he has participated in many different competitions, and he received numerous awards. He also won the Secondary Joint School Championship for four consecutive years


Jason is the Vocal Coach in The Hong Kong Society for the Blind’s Acapella Group. This Acapella group is also the only Acapella group in Hong Kong whose members are mainly blind.


顏氏畢業於於2017在香港浸會大學修讀音樂學文學士(榮譽)學位,主修聲樂。並在2017年開始在柏茵音樂院教授古典唱法和流行唱法,在進入香港浸會大學後就跟隨著名香港男低中音歌唱家兼指揮家 陳晃相 老師學習聲樂,其後更在香港音樂節裡贏得了獨唱組的冠軍。



教學經驗已長達8年, 擁有自己的唱歌教材和方法,因材施教。有許多學生受益,也有許多學生已在香港擔任歌手。


在中學時期熱愛音樂和唱歌聲樂的他,曾參加許多不同的比賽,獲獎無數。亦有許多評委及聲樂老師誇獎他「才華橫溢」,「非常有感染力」,「非常美的抒情男高音」。其後更邀請他在個人音樂會中作為嘉賓演出。並曾出演過演藝學院舉辦的音樂劇——《七對佳偶》(Seven brides for seven brothers)和《吉屋出租》(Rent)的主角。





在流行音樂方面,顏氏更師承美國Berklee College of Music的大學教授和唱歌老師 —— Jeannie Gagné 和 David L. Jiles Jr. 學習了許多唱歌風格,包括流行唱法,音樂劇唱法和R&B唱法。經常被老師稱讚“優美的聲音”,“穿透力非常強的聲音”,“瘋狂的高音”等。 在中學時期熱愛音樂和唱歌聲樂的他,曾參加許多不同的比賽,獲獎無數。其中他還連續四年獲得中學聯校比賽的冠軍。



Professional Credentials in Photography

Jason is a photographer who works tirelessly to improve his craft. He started out, as many photographers do, with a basic camera and a desire to learn. Over the 8 years, he attempted many different genres of photography.




During this period, many companies liked and adopted his photos, such as The Hong Kong China Rowing Association, the famous guitar company-Martin Guitar (C. F. Martin & Company), Hong Kong Dominique Ansel Bakery, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery and THOMSON France in Hong Kong.

Jason是一位專業的攝影師,他不停的拍照以提高他的手藝。他和許多的攝影師一樣,在最開始時拿起一台簡單的相機開始拍照並周圍學習攝影技巧。 8 年來,他嘗試了許多不同類型的攝影。





在此期間,許多公司非常喜歡並採用了他的照片,如中國香港賽艇協會、著名吉他公司-Matin吉他公司(C. F. Martin & Company)、位於香港的當文歷餅店,更與 香港著名珠寶零售商-周大福,法國家電品牌THOMSON, 台灣電腦品牌Acer合作過。